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"Henrique Cazes doesn't stop at tradition. He mixes Pixinguinha and Hermeto [Pascoal] in a progressive Choro, fingering the future." Tárik de Souza - Jornal do Brasil

"Henrique Cazes is clearly one of the musicians best equipped to know, research, understand and keep Choro alive." João Máximo - O Globo

"The Brazilian ukulele, called cavaquinho, was played by a real virtuoso, Henrique Cazes, who was in perpetual motion all evening" John Roberts - The New Mexican - USA

"Few talents of Brazilian youth have developed in such a foccused way as cavaquinho player Henrique Cazes." Roberto M.Moura - O Dia

"Henrique Cazes is the number 1 cavaquinho player in the world" Hiroshi Inami - Asahi Shimbu- Japan

"Henrique Cazes is a great talent in his generation, perhaps the greatest on his instrument." Lena Frias - Jornal do Brasil

"Cavaquinho player Henrique Cazes proves that Choro hasn't disappeared with its masters, and his vitality is in Choro's recreation." Julio Maria - Jornal da Tarde

"It's not just a question of technique. It is because he knows so much about Choro that Henrique Cazes is so much at ease in playing the works by Waldir Azevedo - or by any other Choro composer, from Pixinguinha to Hermeto and Guinga." Mauro Dias - O Estado de Sao Paulo

"Henrique Cazes is a talented musician and an experienced producer, and his work must be appreciated by all those who are interested in good instrumental music." José Domingos Rafaelli - O Globo

"We enjoyed very much the evocation of Waldir Azevedo's works, who as a soloist made cavaquinho popular. Henrique Cazes showed the full extent of his talent with an extraordinary virtuosity. Y. Chabrot - La Dépêche - Bordeaux - France

"It took Cazes plucking the cavaquinho
For Aldir to tap
On the Olivetti loving words
Without regret
When he wounds, he wounds deep
But the pain is sweet
And the heavy metalers along with the Valqueries
Return to the Mojave".
Aldir Blanc - Jornal do Brasil